Southwest Group 1 – Located near Fennimore, Wisconsin

Southwest Group 2 – Located near Westby, Wisconsin

  • Timber Coulee
  • Spring Coulee
  • Rullands Coulee
  • West Fork Kickapoo
  • Bishops Branch, West Fork Kickapoo
  • Bad Axe River
  • Pine River Creek

If you go to Fennimore to fish Castle Rock Creek or any of the other amazing streams in this area, you can find accomodations as follows.

Fenmore Hills Motel:
The Fenmore Hills Motel is just outside of Fennimore on Hwy 18. You have to drive through Fennimore and continue west to find it and it is easy to find. These are spacious rooms and we like this location for easy access to the Big Green River early in the morning.

Eagle Creek Inn:
Another choice is the Eagle Creek Inn on mainstreet (also Hwy 18) in Fennimore. The Inn has a nice bar and restaurant and excellent food.